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Tim's testimonials

Geoff Walker, Supervising Director, Strange Hill High. Factory: “Tim is an incredibly talented puppeteer, his performances elevated the scripts and show into something unique.  As a member of the crew Tim was great to have around, being professional, creative and a lot of fun he buoyed the mood of the studio”.


Chris Tichborne, Director, Strange Hill High, series 1 & 2:“I can say without a doubt that it has been a great pleasure and truly inspiring to work alongside Tim on this project. Tim’s care and sensibilities are visible throughout the series and his attention to detail clearly bring an enchanting aspect to the show... he worked tirelessly with good spirit and was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge of puppetry”.


Dominic Brigstocke, Director, (Green Wing, Horrible Histories): “Tim has a warm and distinctive sense of mischief which enables him to communicate jokes clearly and concisely, to hilarious effect. He is personable and charming, a great team player, but also an inspiring leader, full of enthusiasm and original ideas. But above all he is an astonishingly able puppeteer who can bring inanimate objects to life with great technical skill and an extraordinary understanding of movement and character”.


Giles Pilbrow, Director, Newzoids. Citrus Television:

“Tim's deft touches brought a whole new dimension to the puppet performances. He also took over directing duties on a number of days on our busy shoot. His material was always beautifully staged and

performed, and he has a particularly good eye for comedy".